Crane & alternate lifting

Our fleet consists of 300+ modern, high-end equipment and cranes like truck-mounted cranes, crawler cranes, hydraulic cranes, telescopic cranes, etc. from leading global manufacturers that exemplify excellence in quality. With thorough maintenance and operating procedures, we make sure our cranes and equipment are in impeccable condition, ready to be deployed at the remotest of sites, to carry out your most challenging heavy lift and erection. We also provide you with customized solutions for your specific projects. That is, we will assist you in deciding the most suitable crane, according to the tonnage & dimensions of your project. You also have the added advantage of being worry-free as our trained operators execute your project tasks with the highest levels of safety.

No. of trailers


No. Of Cranes


No of Prime movers


Range of fleet
Crawler Mounted Crane

Make: Terex /Demang.

Model: CC 2200

capacity: 350 MT

Truck Crane

Make: SANY

Model: STC 800

capacity: 75 MT

Mobile Crane

Make: TIL

Model: TMS 750 MKII

capacity: 40 MT

Hydraulic Mobile Crane

Make: Escort

Model: TRX 1550

capacity: 14 MT

Hydra Crane

Make: ACE

Model: FX 150

capacity: 15 MT

Crawler Cranes

Make: ACE

Model: ACX 750

capacity: 75 MT